▪️Get Rid of 100 Things▪️

A New Year means New Challenges. New Goals. New Ideas. New Experiences. New Adventures & New Lessons. But this year I will apply a lesson I learned before I {finally} got pregnant with Anthony… As much as I love planning, organizing, cleaning & making lists, I simply can’t plan or control everything. Life happens and kids especially toddlers get in the way! So this year I’m not making unrealistic goals that will haunt me throughout the year. I am setting reasonable & attainable goals that I hope encourage the good intentions I have for 2015.

I enjoy having an organized home. I feel like it makes a difference in our everyday life’s but since having Anthony I’ve let a few things go. So now I’m trying to find a good balance for me to get things done without feeling overwhelmed. I found this challenge and decided this would be a great start… Get rid of 100 things over the weekend! It was the motivation I needed. Bobby & Julieta joined in and helped surpass the goal. We cleaned out our closets, wardrobes and drawers and eliminated over 150 things. Setting a goal of 100 pushed us to really identifying what we didn’t need, used or loved. And let me tell you… it feels really good!!! I’ll definitely be doing this again throughout the year and hope to share here. 

I encourage you to give this a try. You’ll be surprised by the amount of unnecessary things you collect. Start off small if you think this may be overwhelming but I guarantee even decluttering one drawer will be a good start.

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