Today I struggle as a mom…

Becoming a mother has been my biggest and most rewarding achievement. I have learned so much about myself in this journey & not a day goes by where I’m not challenged AND rewarded by this endless job of raising my little & not so little humans. 

Today felt different, and even though I was pulled in three different directions…

Today I had no choice but to focus on the negative.

Because today was challenging…

Challenging in a way I hadn’t experienced or was prepared for. 

Today I was left questioning my parenting. Today I asked myself where I went wrong. 

Today I apologized to my own mother for ever making her feel the way I feel today.

Today I cried because parenting is hard. 

{To my child} The truth is today I struggled with being your mother… today I struggled with accepting your decisions and your actions. Today I feel disappointed and hurt. But none of this changes the way I love you… because my love for you is so deep and so real that nothing will ever change that. We have work to do… some healing needs to happen and trust needs to be rebuilt. But more importantly you can’t quit on yourself because I never will. 💓


2AM Feelings • Writing down my feelings in the middle of the night, help me better grasp my emotions & thoughts to face the new day. // 

Out of respect to my offspring I will not be sharing details of our current situation. I’ll just say this… teenagers + social media are death! 

Thank you for reading and if you’re struggling today… know you’re not alone and tomorrow will be better, I promise. ✨