Ain’t no hood like Motherhood

Motherhood is my favorite hood! 🖤

Through the good, the bad and, even the ugly. I have cried and laughed and completely lost my mind over the last 18 years. I have enjoyed all the goodness and learned so much from the struggles.
The beauty of motherhood to me is that there’s no perfecting it, no end to the life lessons, no standards to follow and it’s forever. When my babies were tiny and sleeping in my arms I would whisper in their ear…

“Soy tu mamí, hasta el día que me muera y desde el mas allá”.

Now I’m in a different place with Baby V and I can’t whisper those words to her although, I may feel like her mama the reality is, I’m not. She won’t be here forever & the truth is I struggle with that at times. I struggle with the uncertainty of our future, the lack of efforts made by some, and the system itself. I hate that I lose focus of the moments I have with her now.

I wish I could just love & nurture her without feeling doubt.
I wish I could link my head and my heart to be on the same page.
I wish I could fast forward and see this story evolve… but if I’ve learned anything I know that’s all impossible in this journey through motherhood.

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Shirt from Viva La Bonita.