Happy New Year! ✨ I hope everyone had a great start to their year!

As for me, I can’t hide how excited I am about this upcoming year! We have so many happy events coming up…

For starters, Victoria will be graduating high school in June, turning 18 in October and starting at PCC this fall! I just can’t believe it you guys, my child will legally be an adult!! 😭 Then, there’s Julieta & Anthony… Julieta graduates from 8th grade and starts high school this fall while Anthony starts Transitional Kindergarten! 😭 I mean seriously, with all these exciting yet emotional events I’ll be needing lots of tissue and some waterproof mascara!!

And, if that wasn’t enough… My baby brother is getting married in November and my entire family is in the wedding party. Bobby will be a groomsman, I’ll be a bridesmaid, both girls are junior bridesmaids and Anthony will be the ring bearer! We’re so excited for my brother and his future wife!

With so much going on this year I made my #1 New Year Resolution to be… PLANNING!! We have so much to prepare for that without planning ahead, I know I will become very overwhelmed which in return will overwhelm the family. So together we have come up with several ways to stay on top of things. We have set up a big calendar so that we can see what is coming up in our lives. I will be updating everyone’s Google calendar so that we are all linked up. Bobby & I have set up an agenda just to keep up with our finances and I also have my personal agenda for upcoming blog posts and projects. We have set up our chore days, laundry days and are hoping to set up a good system for our daily challenge of “What’s for dinner?”. 😅 I’m hoping that with everyone on board we are able to accomplish things in a stress free way.

Aside from our Planning goal, the quote below really spoke to me so I’m making this happen!

Last Friday, we each made a vision board for the year that displays our goals and dreams. It was so fun to do as a family! (Might share mine another day. 😉) In addition to my 2017 goals, I’m also making it a point to check off more on my Bucket List. Stay tune cause I’ll be sharing my list later this week.

Phew… Talk about a busy year with endless goals! But this is what I have to do to make sh!t happen! 😉 So bring it on 2017… let’s do this!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.55.49 AM

What are some of your New Year resolutions or goals for this year?