Movie Date at Cinépolis Junior

Hey friends! It’s been awhile but I’m back! I have a few pending post and some upcoming things I hope to share with you soon, but for now let me tell you about my movie date with Anthony & our friends…

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending a free private event hosted by Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery at Cinépolis in Pico Rivera. Not only did we get to experience this brand new kid friendly auditorium but we also got to watch an advance screening of “Smurfs: The Lost Village”. Definitely a fun evening! 🤗

About the theater –  Cinépolis Junior was first introduced in Mexico as Sala Junior. The concept later extended to theaters in other countries and is now making its debut in the USA, starting with two Southern California locations. Cinepolis Junior will open today at Cinépolis Pico Rivera & Cinépolis Vista and will only feature child friendly (G and PG) films 7 days a week.

Cinépolis Junior isn’t your typical movie theater! It’s colorful & playful and designed for kids ages 3-12 but all ages are welcomed. The auditorium features a play structure for kids between 3 to 5 feet tall and a smaller play area for families with children under 3. They have some unique seating like beanbags and lounge chairs, so make sure you know where you want to sit when you’re reserving your tickets.

📷 Instagram image from Cinépolis

Okay, so here is the question everyone is asking… Can kids play during the movie? And the answer is NO. Kids will be able to play for 20 minutes before the movie begins and will be asked to take a seat before showtime. I was told that they are considering a 15 minute intermission during the film to let kids explore & use the restroom but that has yet to be decided. UPDATE: There is a 15 minute intermission! 🤗

Cinépolis Rules
Tickets are a $1 more than regular admission. Reserved seats are offered and note that beanbags are more because they are meant for 2 people.

My Opinion – We had a great experience even though I was initially hesitant of this whole indoor playground / movie theater. I was worried that Anthony would just want to play and not sit through the 89 minute long movie. He’s not much of a movie watcher and has serious reservations with the unfamiliar. This was his third time at the movies but his first time actually sitting and watched the whole thing! I guess getting all the wiggles out before the movie helped! Of course having popcorn in hand and his buddy next to him made things even better!

Anthony & Liam 👦🏻🍿👦🏻

So yes, I would definitely go back and make myself comfortable in one of those huge beanbags! But if you ask Anthony… he’ll say “No thank you, I already did that.” 😅 Hopefully I can convince him and we can visit again this summer. Hot days are approaching and this would be a fun, cool trip for yourself and your kiddos! 😊

Smurfs: The Lost Village in theaters April 7th! Super cute movie! 💙🎞
Thank you Martha for inviting us & driving! We had lots fun with you guys! ❤️

For more information visit Cinépolis or follow them on instagram @cinepolisusa.