Meet my people. 


I’m married my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together for almost 20 years and legally married for 15. He is my best friend, my confidant, and my partner in life. Without him I wouldn’t have the family & life I have today. Proud to be his Señora! ❤️


My first born. My first love. The one who made me a mom at 18. She came into the world quietly fighting. And she’s still the quiet one with big thoughts. She is my right hand. My responsible, mature, caring, loyal helper. As difficult as it may be to see my little girl grow into a young woman I’m excited for her future. 💖😌


My second born. My mini me. The one that has demanded more of me as a person and a mother. She came into the world a feisty 9.5 lb. baby girl who knew what she needed and wanted. She’s in the midst of her teenage age years where the battle between mind, heart and hormones is at its highest. But she’s still my sweet girl just a little more emo & dramatic but that will pass, right?! 🤞🏼😉


My littlest love. My sweet boy. I waited for years for a third baby and he was definitely worth the wait. He is determined, smart, loving, and so much fun. I see so much of all of us in him. He is the last perfect little piece to complete our family.

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