My Heartaches for Mexico

My sweet boy drew me these colorful hearts after I told him I was a little sad and of course, his cute gesture bought a much needed smile to my face. 😌❣️

These past few days have been truly heartbreaking. The devastation happening all over the world is sad & scary to say the least.

After hearing about Mexico City’s earthquake on Tuesday my heart sank. My thoughts, feelings, and emotions contradicted themselves and I kept holding back & denying them.

I watched every news story & every video shared on social media by those living through this nightmare.

I couldn’t look away.

I worried about my family there & prayed for their safety. I imagined the fear they must have been feeling.

I absorbed the pain I kept seeing.

My head was spinning, my body was feverish, and my stomach was in knots.

I was overcome with fear. Fear for the world and for my family.

What if this happens here? We aren’t prepared. The kids aren’t prepared. And then the worst case scenarios entered my head.

I kept fighting every thought & held back the tears.

Why was I doing this to myself?!

As much as I wanted to fight everything I was feeling I realized that I had to surrender, I had to let these feelings be.

I allowed myself to feel and accepted the pain my heart felt… and once I acknowledged it I felt better.

I stepped out of my house for some fresh air and looking up at the night sky filled me with peace.

I understood my feelings and the frustration I felt over this uncontrollable situation.

I felt grateful that my tías were safely evacuated out of work and were able to get back home safely to my abue and cousins. Everyone in my family is safe. Gracias a Dios.

I know everyone reacts differently to situations but I felt I needed to share how I was feeling… not just for myself but for those that are struggling.

You are not alone and you are allowed to have these feelings.


Please continue to pray for Mexico but please DONATE too! Anything & everything helps!!

Here is a link to all the different ways you can help – DONATE to Mexico.