Goodbye Old, Hello New

You guys! On Friday night…

We bought a car & I'm so excited! 🤗

Before I get into that, a little back story. In the past 19 years, Bobby & I have driven several different cars, some classics, some just old but all of them were used or hand me downs. Our first dealership purchase was a 2003 Honda Odyssey. We purchased her in 2007 and for the last 10 years she has been our loyal companion. Rhonda, yes I named my mini van, has been through so much with us and we are very grateful for these years with her. As we're getting ready to part ways, Julieta and I started thinking of all the memories we've shared with Rhonda. So before the "FOR SALE" sign goes up, we want to thank her for her time of service.

Thank you, Rhonda… for the daily school drop offs and pick ups, and for the soccer practices, games, dance classes and competitions we attended.
Thank you for safely getting 6 little Daisy Girl Scouts to their field trips, and 7 teenage girls to teepee houses and of course, for getting our adult friends to bars/parties/concerts in LA.
Thank you for all the road trips – for the hundreds of trips to the beach & to Disneyland and for only leaving us stranded at those places once.
Thank you for racing to the hospital for us and for that dog that died in the passenger seat.
Thank you for bringing Anthony home from the hospital, he's not happy that you're leaving. And more importantly, thank you for pulling through even though we didn'talways take care of you.
Thank you for 10 years of service. We hope to find you a new owner that will invest in you, because I believe you still have a few more miles to go! Goodbye, old friend!

Well now that the goodbyes are behind us, let me tell you about our new car…
It's the 2017 Honda Pilot EX & it's absolutely beautiful!

This is our first brand new car and the first time we'll have a car payment!!! Ahhh!!! Talk about adulting at a whole new level! 😅

I'm so happy to have a comfortable, safe and reliable car for our family & I'm so grateful for my hardworking husband for making this happen for us!

If you see us driving by make sure to wave. We're probably on our way to make more memories! ✨

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