En Español

Uno-Dos-Tres- Flores! 🌹🌹🌹

I’m really making it a point to speak more Spanish to Antonio & making him repeat everything I say. I never thought I would have to “make it a point” or “teach” my kids to speak my native language. Salieron de madre Mexicana!! They should automatically speak Spanish que no?! Well, they don’t. And it’s literally something that weighs down on me. I know it’s not only unfair to their abuelos & other family that can’t communicate with them but also for them… As Mexican Americans in this country – in this state – in this city I feel like I’ve let them down. Being bilingual myself I know the benefits and I want them to have those same opportunities. So I’m “making it a point” now cause it’s never too late. 

Thank you Patty Rodriguez for creating Lil Libros and reminding me how important it is to share nuestra cultura with our little ones.❤️🇲🇽 

If you haven’t checked out these books do so now! Lil Libros are easy to read with beautiful illustrations that will capture your little ones attention. We have all 8 books and Anthony loves all of them… his new favorites are Elefante & Lucha Libre. 😍  

These adorable pins are now available!

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