A Day at the Natural History Museum 

At last a day together… Anthony & I were way overdue for a little adventure that required us to get out of our pjs and out into the real world.

I had been wanting to visit the Natural History Museum since September but things kept interfering with my plans. So when I realized it was the first Tuesday of the month, aka Wells Fargo First Free Tuesday, I didn’t think twice and headed out the door!

Anthony was so excited to explore! We spent about 4.5 hours walking around the entire museum. We walked through the halls with the animal dioramas where Anthony pointed out and would “aww” at all the baby animals he saw. His favorite of course, were the elephants!

I heard about how “awesome” the exhibits were and then he started making up stories like one about the coyote “rescuing” a cat. 🙈 Oh my innocent boy – someday we’ll talk about the circle of life just not today.

The exploring continued through all the halls and exhibits at toddler speed.

In the Becoming Los Angeles exhibit, we saw some of the history of LA and he was fascinated by the 1940’s model of the city. He recognized City Hall but asked where all the cars & trains in the city were. What can I say… trains are always on his mind!

Once at the Discovery Center we couldn’t leave without taking a picture with this classic hands on exhibit…

Polar Bear

Another fun shot I got, was actually a remake of a picture I took of Julieta in 2011. Check out this side by side of my cuties…

The Ostrich Attacks again!

We ended the day in the Nature Garden after a very interactive time in the Nature Lab. Both of these were new to me so I can’t wait to go back and explore some more.

In Anthony’s words “We had a great day!”. He lead the way and I followed. It’s seriously my favorite thing to do when it’s just the two of us. There’s nothing like giving a child your undivided attention to hear their thoughts and to see the world through their eyes. I always end up learning so much from him.

The Natural History Museum is always a fun & educational outing for the whole family. It’s great for kids of ALL ages and allows everyone to explore without too many limits. In other words: there are no haunting eyes watching your every move through each exhibit. And even though, there are some things and perimeters that shouldn’t be crossed there are also lots of hands on activities for busy little hands.

*** If you would like to visit the Natural History Museum click on link for general information including admission and special events. Don’t forget to check out Wells Fargo Free First Tuesday for free admission day.