Migraine Sympathy 

“I’m so awesome even my migraines can’t get enough of me.”

Seriously though, this has been my life as of lately… Three straight days then only a day and a half break to be continued by a very miserable day and a half that brought me to tears. The struggle is real & the pain is unbearable. I’ve heard people complain about headaches and not to disregard your pain but it doesn’t compare to a migraine. I don’t wish this pain on ANYONE but for those that do suffer of migraines,  I am truly sorry.

I’m sorry for your pain.

I’m sorry for the frustration you feel when you can’t be present for your loved ones, for work, for your responsibilities, for your daily life, for when a normal task feels completely impossible.

I’m sorry for the moments you missed & the times you’ve had to excuse yourself from special events, or your daughter’s birthday dinner so you can vomit in your room instead of the bathroom so nobody hears you. True story.

I’m sorry for the times you’ve had to apologize to your kids for feeling like a bad parent. Everytime and for the most part it’s not something I can control.

I’m sorry for the times you have to drive with this pain. Especially when you’re driving yourself to the pharmacy, to the urgent care or taking your kids to school & don’t know if you’ll make it without puking all over yourself. Again true story… I vomited in a cup at a red light.

I’m sorry for the people that don’t understand your pain & think this is simply a “headache”.

I’m sorry for all the pills you take in hope of some relief but have no idea what it’s doing to your body in the long run. Sadly none of the natural, organic, holistic remedies give anywhere near the same relief.

I’m sorry for the times you’ve had to smile through your pain & for the tears you can’t shed in fear of triggering a stronger migraine.

I’m sorry there’s no cure & you feel defeated.

Today I looked in the mirror and thought “How will I ever survive this?” Seriously… I couldn’t see the rainbow on the other side. And then  I thought of everyone else that’s fighting this battle and how I’m not alone. My pain is now gone… for how long I don’t know, but I’m grateful for this relief. I will try to not live in fear of when the next attack will happen & I will be praying hard not just for myself but for you my follow migraineur. 💜

2 thoughts on “Migraine Sympathy 

  1. I too suffer from migraines! I just started having these about 2 years ago, I’m 39. They usually happen before my period or after a stressfull situation from what I’ve noticed. They are horrible! They handicap me and feel like throwing up is the only way it releases the pounding on the side of my head. 😧 I can actually feel a migraine coming since the day before it’s weird, so I take Advil Migraine once I feel it coming and I usually (not all the time) stop it. I’m with you on this and wish you the best! 🤗

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  2. Migraines are the worst! I’m glad you at least have found what triggers them and have some relief with Advil Migraine. Best wishes to you and thank you for reading my post!


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