The Key Word…  

🔺P A T I E N C E🔺

In order to survive M O T H E R H O O D you must have patience. You must trust in yourself. And always do what’s best for you & your children.

I’m working on all of thee above.

It took an hour and a half for Anthony to fall asleep. For the last 4 nights we’ve had the same routine… He takes a bath, brushes his teeth, we lay in HIS bed and read a book, Love You Forever has been his new favorite.😌 We then say a prayer and I nurse him which normally leads to him falling fast asleep. Well, tonight that wasn’t the case and I couldn’t lay in his bed anymore. I started feeling hot, overwhelmed and super anxious!! I had to call for help before I lost it. I requested a 5 minute break & tagged Bobby in. I was afraid that my attempts to keep this nightly routine would fall apart as soon as I stepped out of the room. To my surprise Anthony never complained! He probably felt me tense and anxious and knew I needed this small but oh so significant break.  I took my breather and returned with his lavender roll on, his puppy and more patience. I sat next to his bed and told him I was there for him but that he could close his eyes and fall right to sleep all on his own. I assured him that I wouldn’t leave until he was dreaming. And well 15 minutes later…

He was out!! He did it… All by himself! No tears! No complains! Nothing! I’m so proud of this little guy and all his accomplishments! I hope he knows I will always be by his side to guide him and protect him.❤️

Now I wait cause in a couple of hours he’ll walk on over and jump in bed with me … puppy & all! 😌

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