No More Diapers! 

It’s Official… Anthony is fully potty trained! 🙌 It’s been 4 days now of no diapers and no accidents and I couldn’t be more excited! 🎉

Shortly after he turned ONE he decided that pooping in his diaper wasn’t his thing. He started finding ways of letting us know when he needed to sit on the toilet. Since then we have changed about 5 poopy diapers, so we weren’t in a rush to potty train him. I knew he would let us know when he was ready to completely abandoned the diaper.

10 months (9.10.13)
16 months
2 years 1 month

About a week ago, he found his motivation: Småland… the IKEA play area! He’s now tall enough to stay by himself but was told he needed to be potty trained before entering. He understood what that meant and had been talking about it since that day. We took this opportunity to encourage him and guide him to reach his goal.
What started with him just asking to wear his Thomas the train underwear around the house turned into days without diapers and refusing to wear one at night! He has been amazing the last couple days… He sleeps without a diaper and even pees standing up like a little man! 🙈 He is so proud of himself and well so are we!

2 years 7 months

Our baby is growing up and there’s just no stopping him!

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