Easter “Baskets”

This year’s Easter baskets made it clear that my girls aren’t so little anymore. I wasn’t able to get them cute little crafts or grab their favorite character socks in the dollar bin at Target without thinking they’re too old for this.*sigh* But I wasn’t ready to not make them a basket and honestly I don’t think I will ever be ready to stop. We have many traditions that I hope they continue to embrace no matter how old they are. Play along with me girls!!

So anyway, I took a minute to embrace my life as a mother of a teenager, a tween & a toddler and came up with something they would all be happy with.

This is what I came up with…

First, I decided not to use baskets this year, as cute as they may be they have zero function after Easter. In the past I have reused the same baskets & buckets, but this year I wanted something different to go along with this change… so I went with these boxes I found at Home Goods.

Victoria’s “Basket”

Once I bought the boxes I started shopping for what was going inside of them. I always find a way of adding what each one has given up for Lent. This year Victoria gave up chocolate & Julieta gave up gum and as you can see I made sure to add several of those goodies in each of their boxes.

Julieta’s “Basket”

For Anthony’s “Basket”, I went with this metal tool box I also found at Home Goods. I figured he could store his cars or trains in there and take them along with him. I added some of his favorite things – two books, a puzzle, a Thomas bubble maker, some chocolate, and a bug catcher since he loves finding rollie pollies.

Anthony’s “Basket”

The kids loved their “baskets” and I was so happy that the girls appreciated this year’s change! 💕 I look forward to creating more fun, yet age appropriate,  traditions with my growing teens!

Happy Easter! 🌷🐰💕