Missing my Zzzzz

I love to sleep… always have and always will. But lately it’s not something I’ve been able to enjoy and I feel like my body is starting to feel the effects of my sleepless nights. Yes, I’m a new mom to a 7 month old baby and you may think that’s my problem but I don’t think so. Anthony sleeps with me and even though I still nurse him a few times at night… The kid sleeps through it! As long as he has access to his breasturant… He never cries and rarely fusses. It’s definitely one of the benefits of cosleeping!😉 So why is it that I am not sleeping like a baby better yet like my husband?! I can’t seem to figure it out but I need to put an end to this madness! I can’t be going to sleep at 3am every night because then I’m a complete mess in the morning! Yaawwnnn* Ok I guess that’s my cue… Hopefully I’ll be out before the clock strikes 3! 😴

xo -Sleepless in Los Angeles